Singing Lessons for Children

Children are never too young to begin learning how their voices work. My experience has shown that they are fascinated with learning exactly what is in their bodies that makes the sound come out of their mouths. My teaching programme for children is slightly different depending on their age and previous experience. Below is a guide that might help you decide what programme is most suitable for your child. For further information or to book a lesson please contact me.

Children age 3-7

For children between these ages I generally offer lessons that focus on playing fun games to stimulate your childs voice and mind. The games that I have devised are fantastic ways to teach them how their voices work while at the same time begining the process of learning how to use their voices for singing. These lessons are great fun and can be done as a group if you have more than one child wanting to learn how to sing. These lessons are held at the studio where you are welcome to stay with your child/children to give you the opportunity to be involved should you wish. 

Lessons will not be longer than 45 minutes and only children that fall in the specified age group can participate in this particular group lesson. This lesson focuses on complete beginners and would not be suitable for older children.

Children age 7-13

Anyone who wants to sing should be given a chance to do so. These lessons are designed for children who have a passion for singing and their parents who would like to encourage them.

A typical lesson will begin with a warm up that will focus on teaching your child awareness of their voice. We will then move on to use what we have learned and integrate it with a song and from there we will work on performance ideas and techniques. I will prepare a practice plan that would be suitable for your child and so long as lessons and practice are kept regular we can enjoy the development of your childs voice and musical knowledge.

At this stage of a childs singing education I do not put any emphasis on a particular style of singing. I have found that it is best at this stage to show all the styles that are available and wait to see what style suits best. In my experience most children develop an open-mind to music this way and can in turn develop a strong relationship with most styles of song.

Lessons are 45 minutes and are on a one to one basis only although if you would like to sit in during the lesson this can be accommodated.

Children age 13 +

These lessons are available for complete beginners or for children who have had any amount of singing experience in the past. The general layout of the lesson is the same as described before but due to a more mature and developed voice there will be a need for some slightly different approaches.

I strongly believe that singing should be fun and I do make sure that there is always an element of this in every lesson, I feel that this is the way to get results that last.

Lessons range from 45 - 55 Minutes.

Group Singing

If you and other parents would like to get some children together to form a singing group please feel free to contact me and we can discuss the options available.

Please note that cancellations made within 24 hours of any lessons booked will be subject to a 100% cancellation fee.

Singing Lessons in Forest Row, East Sussex and London